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How to mount a knife wall magnet? Easy DIY guide!

I personally can’t stand a disorganized kitchen, especially when I am planning to cook a meal. A good way to make sure that you can prepare food quickly is to find a spot for cutlery, specifically knives. Having a knife wall magnet is a space-saving way to keep knives in one place for easy access.

How do you mount a knife wall magnet? A knife wall magnet can be mounted by simply placing a magnetic strip on your kitchen wall or cabinet. Make sure that the magnet is quite heavy duty enough to hold a few knives, or at least the ones you use frequently.

Knives are a very versatile tool in the kitchen. Due to the fact that they are so useful, it is important to make sure to keep them where you can quickly grab them, because there is no need to fuss around the bottom of the drawer just to get your favorite knife!

Making a Knife Wall Magnet – DIY Style!

Home goods products and services are always available for customers. Whenever you buy something, you can pay a little extra to have someone install these things for you. It is the same for knife wall magnets.

However, mounting a wall magnet is quite easy to do. No need to shell out the extra bucks for the installation service! With a little time, patience and a helpful guide, you can pull off mounting your own knife wall magnet by yourself.

Follow these steps so you can mount your own knife wall magnet at home!

Materials Needed

  • Knife wall magnet
  • Screw driver and screws (other options: Velcro and double sided tape)
  • Drill
  • Superglue (optional; a must if you choose to use adhesives or Velcro)
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape

How to Make a DIY Wall Mount With a Magnet:

  • Determine the spot where you will place the knife wall magnet. Measure out the dimensions using a measuring tape and mark it using a pencil.
  • Buy the appropriate magnet strip for your needs. It should be able to hold a few knives.

There are several different ways that you can mount a knife wall magnet, with all of the detailed instructions outlined below. Take a look at these simple steps to decide the best method for your kitchen.

Ways To Mount a Knife Wall Magnet:

  • Screw
  • Adhesive
  • Velcro

How to Mount With a Screw:

  • Drill a hole on the parts of the wall that you have measured.
  • Place the knife wall magnet on the predetermined area. Use screws and a screwdriver to secure it in place

How to Mount With Adhesive:

  • Some knife wall magnets come with its own adhesive. For this, you simply need to expose the adhesive part and hold it against the surface.
  • Wait for the adhesive to completely adhere to the surface before you put the knives. Give it 20 to 30 minutes.

How to Mount With Velcro:

  • Use superglue to attach the Velcro to the predetermined area on the wall and on the wall magnet. One side of the Velcro should be secured on the wall while the other side should be on the wall magnet. Make sure both strips are aligned.
  • Wait for the superglue to dry completely.
  • Place the wall magnet on the wall.
  • If in doubt, you may reinforce the Velcro using a screw.

Out of all of these options, I would highly recommend using screws to secure the wall magnet in place. This will minimize the chances of the magnet falling off the wall. It is also the best option in making sure that the knife wall magnet will last a long time.

Magnet calculator - for knife rack:

How to use the magnet calculator: Measure the thickness of the material for your knife rack (thickness of the wood, glass, tile, fabric etc.) and move the first calculator button accordingly. It is important that you use the final distance after a possible drilling in the material, as distance is a big factor for magnetic strength loss. Afterwards, check the weight of the knife and move the second calculator button accordingly. Then you will get info on strength needed to help you find the ideal magnets for your knife rack.
5 mm
1 mm
10 mm
250 g.
1 g
500 g
Ideal strength is
0 kg
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Knife Storage

Knife wall magnets have been around for many years. In fact, you can purchase knife magnet organizers in home goods stores for a good price. If you are crafty, you can even custom make your own knife wall magnet!

To be honest, there are a number of options as to how to keep your knives organized apart from the knife wall magnet. When you a knife set, it usually comes with a box. You can certainly keep them there, but it might be a bit of a hassle to have to look for the box, open and close it repeatedly throughout the food preparation process.

Knife Storage:

  • Box/packaging
  • Drawer
  • Knife block

The point of using a knife wall magnet is to make the knives accessible to you. No need to guess where it is and if it is the right one that you are looking for.

Also, having a knife wall magnet does not meant that you must put all of your knives on display (unless you want to). You can keep as few or many as you need.

In most kitchens, most tools are kept away in drawers to maintain clean surfaces. However, it becomes disorganized just as quickly of you have to rummage through all the drawers just to find the one thing that you need.

Where to Place the Knife Wall Magnet

Keeping everything organized is not just about putting all clutter away. It’s also about finding a spot for the items so that you know where to find them when you need it. Knife wall magnets are a good space-saving option to keep your frequently-used knives in one place.

When organizing, always remember that it is more than just keeping surfaces tidy. It is about creating a system that will allow you do accomplish tasks in an efficient way. A knife all magnet will give you the option of having access to your essential items when you need it.

Out of the many knife storage options, the wall magnet is one of the most efficient ways to store oft-used knives. Feel free to put the specialty knives and extra pieces on one of the cabinets or drawers!

As with any type of organization, it is important to determine where you place the wall magnet since this is where you will be putting the knives that you often use.

Where To Place Knife Wall Magnet:

  • Safe from children
  • Where you will do most preparations
  • Reachable

Before mounting your knife wall magnet, consider these things: will the kids be able to reach the knives? Where does most of the food prep take place?

Ideally, you will put it near the place where you do most of the meal preparations, on the wall closest to the counter top, on top of the sink or near the stove. If you have a smaller kitchen space, any surface will do as long as it is out of reach for kids.

I would recommend placing the knife wall magnet on the backsplash as it is usually near a few important food preparation spots: the countertop, sink and the stove.

Grab the knife that you need when cutting ingredients and placing them on the pan. When you’re done, you can simply wash them in the sink and put on the wall magnet.

Related Questions

Isn’t it dangerous to leave knives exposed on the wall magnet?

Leaving knives exposed on the wall magnet need not be a hazard to a home. If you are not comfortable with having the knives on display, you can simply place the magnet on the side of the stove or inside the door of a cabinet to keep the knives hidden from plain view.