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Magnetic signs for containers

You can easily use our magnetic pockets on your magnetic containers. With our magnetic pockets you can design and create your own signs to display information. Our magnetic pockets can easily withstand weather changes and will not be easily blown away during windy conditions. In this article, we will show you the distinct types of magnetic signs you can use on your containers. The advantage of using magnetic pockets is the convenient and time-saving way you can replace the information displayed within them. Magnetic signs may also be cost saving. Instead of replacing full signs to display the latest information, magnetic signs offer the flexibility of simply replacing the displayed message and not the magnetic sign.  

Design and personalize magnetic signs for your containers

Without a doubt, countless classic container signs such as “no parking in front of the container” and “private container” exist. An advantage of owning magnetic signs would be you can customize your sign to match your specific needs instead of using a preexisting sign “close enough” to match your needs. Take a glance at our example below, throughout the sign making process we worked closely with a customer to narrow down the personalized sign and message they sought to display: “private container – monitored.” Look at the picture below where we have put a camera sign on one side of a container: 

Make your own signs easily with magnetic pockets and place them on your container etc.

We have used our 21x10 cm (about 3.94 in) magnetic pocket that offers a quick load design, which makes it even easier to continually update the information displayed should any changes arise.

Here, you can see some of our magnetic pockets that can be used on metal containers (and other metal surfaces):

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Magnetic signs for waste sorting 

You can make your own magnetic sign, which tells you how waste should be effectively sorted.  

In many places you will find either a sticker or a large classic sign displaying vital information. Specifically, throughout recycling sites where magnetic containers are used, a magnetic sign would be a more efficient and effective solution. In the picture below, we present one possibility of how to display numbers and information about sorting cardboard: 

Here you see a sign regarding cardboard (called pap in Danish) - perfect for waste sorting with a clear sign

In this example, we have used the popular A4 magnetic pocket with a quick load feature. But you would not be wrong in assuming it is an ordinary A4 magnetic pocket without the quick load feature because we intentionally designed it in that fashion. If you need your sign to be larger, we also offer an A3 option. An A3 magnetic pocket will fit well on larger containers, and it will clearly display which type of waste should be in the differing containers.