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Can magnets be modified?

Changing magnets made of neodymium: We do not recommend that you drill or saw in neodymium magnets yourself. There are several reasons for this: primarily, neodymium magnets are designed to maximize magnetic force. This is achieved with a thin nickel-plated surface that holds the magnet together. This surface cannot withstand drilling or sawing. Once you break this coating, you are dealing with the raw material, which is more fragile than a whole magnet. Also, you make the magnet more susceptible to rust. Drilling or sawing into magnets not only results in magnetic splinters that are very sharp but also creates flammable dust. Additionally, the heat generated during drilling can demagnetize the magnet.

If you do need to modify a magnet, it should be left to professionals who have the proper diamond drills and cooling equipment. However, there is still a high risk that the magnet may not withstand the process and could break. Therefore, our clear recommendation is to purchase a magnet that already has the desired shape, instead of attempting to modify a "finished" magnet.

Changing magnets made of ferrite: The above recommendations also apply to ferrite magnets. Although they can withstand higher temperatures before demagnetizing, they are raw magnets without a surface coating and also very fragile when handled rough. If you break a ferrite magnet, you will see that it fractures unevenly. This does not destroy the magnet’s magnetism; only its appearance and overall strength. But then you are left with two pieces of magnet that are difficult to fit into a specific shape and size. There is usually a reason why one might want to alter a magnet’s shape and size, and this is very challenging to achieve after the magnet is cast. Therefor, please contact us first if you need a different kind of size, shape etc.

Feel free to contact our customer support - we are here all weekdays in normal working hours, and we will introduce you to a range of top-quality magnets, chosen specifically for your project's dimensions and need of magnetic strength. Our commitment is to advise the best magnet choice for your particular task.