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Lifespan of a magnet

At Magnetz.dk, we have chosen to focus on permanent magnets – that is, magnets that are magnetic without the need for electricity or technology. And it makes perfect sense to call them "permanent" magnets, as they have a long lifespan. You can read more about this in this article. And then, if you’ve become more curious about magnets, you can delve deeper into other topics on magnetism in our FAQ.

Longevity and strength that lasts for decades

One of the most remarkable features of magnets is their ability to retain strength for decades. Research and experience have shown that magnets, like the ones we sell here at Magnetz, retain their optimal strength for at least 80 years. This means that even after decades of use, the magnets will remain as powerful as on the day they were made.

What’s even more interesting is that it takes close to 100 years before one actually begins to notice a decline in strength without the use of specialized instruments. While a gradual decrease in strength can be measured in magnets after about 80 years, it takes close to 100 years before we would be able to feel it ourselves when testing two identical magnets against each other. This exceptionally long period of unchanged performance makes magnets an extremely reliable and durable solution.

Advantages in technical and industrial contexts

The enduring strength of magnets offers significant advantages, especially when used in technical and industrial contexts. Constant strength ensures reliability in applications where precision and consistency are critical. At the same time, the nearly imperceptible demagnetization over time means that magnets can maintain their performance for decades without requiring frequent replacement. Clearly, after 80 years, one will be able to notice a decrease in the strength of the magnets if one has not accounted for the magnets needing a bit more performance than required. But on the other hand, it is, after all, easier to have to replace the magnets after 80 years compared to continually having to replace many other components that do not have nearly the same durability as magnets. And with a combination of metal, neodymium, and a construction where the magnets are not subject to impacts, you have a truly durable solution that will last for the next generations.

Magnets as a sustainable solution

The ability of magnets to retain their strength over an extended period is not just a technological achievement but also a significant eco-friendly characteristic. Their longevity and minimal degradation make magnets a sustainable investment that benefits not only users today but also future generations, as mentioned above. So consider integrating magnets into your next projects. And remember, a magnet used today to assemble a piece of furniture or build a small motor might in the future serve as a strong board magnet if the furniture or motor ceases to exist. Thus, magnets are a truly excellent solution for green investments.

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