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Magnetic tape for fabric

Did you know that you can both sew and glue magnetic tape onto fabric?

We offer magnetic tapes both with and without self-adhesive, and here we'll list some usage possibilities as well as our top recommendations (but also, what we definitely do not recommend when it comes to magnetic tape for fabric).

Always choose a "raw magnetic tape" for fabric, meaning a magnetic tape that hasn’t been treated with colour, as coloured magnetic tape is less magnetic. Therefore, we only recommend the dark grey magnetic tape for hanging fabrics.

Always apply the magnetic tape on the outside of the fabric - placing it with fabric over the tape results in much weaker magnetism, as the fabric creates a distance. This applies even for thin fabrics! We elaborate on this further down in the post under "The magnetic tape should be outermost". 

Sewing magnetic tape onto fabric

You can definitely sew into magnetic tape; even with a sewing machine. Just use a thick needle - the same type you would use for denim. And sew at a slow pace, since the magnetic tape is thick. However, it’s crucial that you position the magnetic tape correctly before sewing:

Magnetic tape without self-adhesive should be placed with the smooth side outward (the completely flat side).

Magnetic tape with self-adhesive should be placed with the adhesive facing towards the fabric.

Gluing magnetic tape on fabric

Magnetic tape is also available with self-adhesive and can be used without the need to sew it on. It adheres well to most types of fabric, as long as the fabric has tight stitches or is made of a non-fluffy mesh. You just need to consider that the adhesive requires a flat surface to be effective.

For instance, a piece of cotton fabric is easy to glue on, as the fabric provides a large surface for the adhesive to work on.

You can also glue magnetic tape onto velvet fabric, but only if you do it on the backside, which is more stable and doesn’t fluff.

However, you cannot affix it onto, for example, a knitted sweater.

If you have fabric or knits with wide stitches and loose threads, you should opt for a solution where you sew, as the adhesive won’t hold firm.

You can also choose to sew magnetic tape with self-adhesive and use the adhesive to keep the magnetic tape securely in place against the fabric while you sew.

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