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Magnetic foil

Use magnetic foil for marking on eg. storage racks and whiteboards. You can write on the foils with a permanent marker. You can also use whiteboard markers and erase the text or drawings again but the whiteboard markers will leave shadows. If you need to write and erase, please use the magnetic foil with writable surface.

Our magnetic foil is very flexible and come in many different colors. You can use them on a sligtly round or wavy surface like a radiator or a car. Use the different colors for easy showcase of a status or team member: red, green and yellow are known as LEAN colors and will make it easy to see a status on the whiteboard from a distance, but a color can also be for a specific team member where, again, you can make it more visible and easy to see from far away. And different colors make a whiteboard or a fridge more colorful and nice to look at.

Magnetic band can be cut with a normal sharp scissor or with a hobby knife into other sizes or shapes.

Perfect for storage mark up

Storage racks are often made of magnetic steel - perfect for mark up with magnets. And magnetic band is a very flexible solution for warehouse and rack optimization. As mentioned, you can cut the magnetic foil into smaller pieces and write on them. You can be sure to find a product that matches your needs with Magnetpartner.

Find the length and width that suits your professional needs here.

Other functions

You can use the magnetic band and sheets for lots of other purposes than just marking up storage shelves. At the office, you can make a smart LEAN board. Use the green color for showing that a task is ready and use red for showing stop or attention on a task. It gives you the best overview of your daily work in the office in a flash, so you can work smarter (not harder).

Wan't to write on the magnetic foil?

As we wrote above, we have products suitable for both permanent writing and for when you need to erase and change text often. You can write on all foil surfaces but it differs how well you can erase the writing afterwards. We recommend that you test on a small area as also the quality of markers, pencils and pens differs. And if you need a writable/erasable surface, go for the products with writable surface that are made for board markers specifically.