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Magnet printing - we print on all magnets

How do you categorize magnet printing when EVERYTHING is possible? It's been a challenging task, so we'll start by saying: contact us if you're in the slightest doubt about a task, or if you need assistance with a quote.

Printing on magnetic foil - signs

We boast an extensive selection of magnetic foils in various sizes and thicknesses. Ranging from the thin 0.7 mm variant, perfect for logo magnets on coffee machines or whiteboards, up to 1.5 mm, tested on German autobahns at speeds over 130 km/h. The magnetic foil is highly flexible and can adhere to all magnetic surfaces (except glass boards).

Examples of prints on magnetic sheets:

- Information leaflets for the cafeteria with menus or instructions

- Warning signs for metal doors with "no entry" or similar notices

- Sorting instructions for containers

- Special transport signs for hazardous goods or live animals on trucks

- Promotional signs for company vehicles with logos or job vacancies

- Patient information in hospitals or medical practices

The above is not an exhaustive list but just examples of what we have previously printed on magnetic foil.

Printing on office magnets

Do you need employee names for your board that you can easily move around, or do you want a specific message that can be printed in sets for numerous boards? We have supplied many magnets in all conceivable colours (we print with CMYK colours in UV or solvent ink of your choice). The most suitable office magnets are made of ABS plastic and equipped with a neodymium magnet. They yield the neatest result and are visible from a long distance, as the surface area is about the same as a Danish 5-krone coin. They are available in round, square, and triangular versions, and printing starts from 20 pieces. Feel free to contact us for examples.

Logo magnets

Do you need to leave a magnet with your customers featuring your logo? We print everything from a small round logo magnet to business card magnets. Logo magnets are excellent for branding your business and giving your customers an extra nice (and strong) magnet, which they will use daily, thereby constantly seeing your company name. And the business card could be for the window cleaner or plumber who leaves a magnet saying, "Thanks for the trust - see you another time." We print on everything from classic plastic magnets and magnetic foil to the more luxurious steel magnets often seen in executive offices.

But the best part of all: none of the magnets are especially expensive because our prices are always competitive. Contact us for a quote on 20 pieces or more.

Magnets in shapes

There's no reason to settle for a specific shape. We have a die-cut machine that can cut magnetic sheets into (almost) any shape. We have some standard dies in round, square, and triangular shapes that we often use, so printing on magnets in standard shapes won't cost you extra in tooling fees. However, if you need something special where we need to create a die, that's also possible for a small additional cost for the tool needed to cut the magnetic sheet into the shape you require. The price for a custom die starts at 1,800.00 + VAT. But contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions - we are happy to help you!