Free pictograms

We feel pretty passionately about pictograms at because we use them in our own daily lives and because we work closely with schools for children with special needs. This is why it is so important for us to share our pictograms and help others with these needs. We have created our own series of 18 pictograms that you can download and print free of charge – choose between the coloured pictograms or a black & white version that you or your child can colour in.  

How to download our free pictograms:

Click on the drawing to go to the product card. There you will find a coloured link at the top of the page which will transfer you to a page with a pdf file you can print. You don't have to buy from our webshop to get the pictograms. If you would like us to send you the free pictograms, you only pay for the postage.

Please note that the pictograms are for your own use only and NOT for resale. It is not permitted to use them online or for any commercial purposes without our prior consent. Read our terms and conditions under each product card. By downloading and/or "buying" the pictograms from our webshop, you accept our terms and conditions for using the pictograms.

When you shop at, you can get the pictograms sent with your order. Simply add the desired version to your basket and we will send you the pictograms with your order.