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Clean glass with magnets

Did you know that you can clean your aquarium and other glass panes using magnets? With the help of magnetism, it is possible to attach a magnet to a piece of cloth and clean difficult to reach areas that a human beings’ hand would not be able to reach. But first, you need to know your window thickness to be able to find the correct magnet that can handle the task.  

Private use of magnets for cleaning  

With 2 powerful magnets you can clean your aquarium, glass decanter, or other hard-to-reach items. 1 magnet will be placed in the interior of the item needing cleaning and the other magnet will be placed on the exterior. 

We always recommend using rubber magnets when cleaning glass, as they do not scratch, nor do they rust when in contact with water.  

The correct magnet size and strength for your cleaning project will depend on the thickness of your glass. It is good to keep in mind that at a glass thickness of 5mm (about 0.2 in), the carrying capacity of the magnet will be reduced to approximately 8%; a total loss of 92% magnetism. 

Magnets for commercial use

Is it a struggle to clean the windows in a large aquarium? To complete this task, private magnets will not be as effective as commercial magnets. Professional aquariums usually have different thicknesses than aquariums that can be found at home. In this scenario, you will have to use magnets specifically designed for commercial use.  

In one example, we have tested a pane of 6 cm (about 2.36 in) thickness. We found that the best solution for this challenge, which is also the most economical solution, would be two large 6 cm (about 2.36 in) magnets in diameter. Ultimately, being the same size as the thickness of the pane. Method: One magnet must be a ø60mm (about 2.36 in) pot magnet with the strength of approximately 130 kg (about 286.6 lb.). The second magnet must be used on the other side of the pane and can be a pot magnet; as these have the poles in the same direction. Therefore, you must use a magnet that only has a nickel coating. Like a 60 mm (about 2.36 in) neodymium magnet, which is approximately 22 kg.  

A really good tip on cleaning with magnets

The cleaning device that is placed inside the aquarium should have a pot magnet attached. In addition, we suggest securing the pot magnet to a string or fish line, this will assist you in easily recovering and resecuring the magnet if the two magnets come apart during the cleaning process. 

Window cleaning with magnets

You can use the same magnets as we have described under professional aquariums. BUT be careful because those are some insanely strong magnets and should be handled with care.  

Here is a selection of magnets we recommend (REMEMBER: strength requirements depend on the thickness of the glass):


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Need help calculating strength requirements to meet your needs? Feel free to contact us for help in calculating the carrying capacity and which types of magnets you need for cleaning. Reach us via our chat option, by telephone or through e-mail. We are here all week days.