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Magnets for education

Can you use magnets for educational purposes?

The horse shoe magnets are well known from the physics room in school. But magnets are so much more than these classic magnets.

The horse shoe magnets are made of AlNiCo material which is a slightly stronger magnetic type than ferrite but 8 times weaker than neodymium. This makes the AlNiCo magnets perfect for education in attraction, repulsion and levitation when teaching kids about magnetism.

If you want to make cool projects with neodymium magnets, we recommend the ring magnets with a large hole in the center - place them with the same poles against each other on a stick and they will levitate and make a large magnetic field all the way around the stick. You can also place two AlNiCo bars against or above each other to see them repulse each other - but levitation without a hand on the magnets requires something else to hold the magnets in place - e.g. a box roughly the same size as the magnets so they can't move out to the side (and turn for attraction). This is why ring magnets and a stick are smart for levitation experiments.