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Magnets for glass boards - Neodymium

Bestseller glass board magnets

Our bestseller magnets for glass boards are the 10x10 mm. power magnets. They can be used on all magnetic glass boards. Depending of the quality of the glass board, it is possible to hang up to 10 pieces of paper with a 10x10 mm. neodymium magnet without the papers or the magnet sliding down and off the board.

Strong magnets for glass boards

Glass magnets or magnets for glass boards do have a challenge: they need to “work” through a thick layer of glass and this is the reason why you need very powerful magnets. The glass itself is not magnetic but the steel plate behind the glass is.

Loss of strength on a glass board

Even though power magnets are the strongest permanent magnets, around 70-90% of their strength is "lost" because of the distance of 2-4 mm. that is made because of the glass plate in front of the metal plate, that is the actual magnetic part of the glass board. This is why you need to choose a much stronger magnet for your glass board than for your fridge or whiteboard. So remember before buying a glass board, if this is the right kind of magnetic board for you. Because glass is really pretty to write on; but without very powerful magnets, you cannot use the board magnetically.

Is it possible to choose too strong magnets?

You need strong magnets but at the same time, they cannot be too strong as they might damage the glass or attract other magnets too easy so several magnets will collide and break both the coating of the magnets together with scratching the glass board. A large pile of (broken) magnets is not very useful. That is why we don’t recommend choosing a strength for magnetic glass boards above 12 kilogram for normal use. Always remember to handle magnets with care – two magnets in uncontrolled collision with a strength between 2.5 and 12 kg. (the recommended strength for magnetic glass boards) can do a lot of damage, so please be careful with fingers etc.