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Magnets for hunting - Collect cartridges

Did you know that you can use magnets on a hunting rifle? Let a magnet collect your cartridges when you go hunting. A kind of shooting magnet but designed as a cartridge collector.

In our daily work with magnets, we help others find smart solutions for their needs. So, when we were contacted by a group of recreational hunters who wanted help choosing a magnet to be used as a holster for hunting, like one who could pick up their empty cartridge cases, we were of course ready to collaborate and find a solution.

The rubber magnet is best

In terms of strength, we have numerous magnets that can cope with the task. However, the magnet needed to withstand elemental factors, such as wind, rain, and other weather conditions. Therefore, we established that a rubber magnet met those demands. We tested 4 different rubber magnet sizes, and in the end the most effective one was the 22x11 mm. (about 0.43 in) rubber magnet. 

Here is how you do it  

You need to put the magnet on your rifle exactly at the cartridge exit port. Since guns often have a magnetic surface, you do not even need to glue it down. You may glue if you prefer, but again not required.  

Next, you are ready to fire. Now you do not have to bend down to pick up your empty cartridge cases from the forest floor.  

The magnet can hold up to 6 cases at a time. As each round is fired, the cartridge is immediately attached while being ejected from the port. Much more efficient than having to consistently pick up individual cartridges from the ground. Plus, you get the added benefit of saving yourself severe back pain from constantly bending down for each round. 

If the gun is not magnetic 

If your rifle does not have a magnetic surface but you do not want to glue a magnet, keep in mind you can still use a magnet collector. It is easy to carry the magnet in your pocket, and you still do not have to bend down for all the cartridge cases.  

Here, can see both our recommended rubber magnets and other magnetic collectors.

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Magnets are more than just cartridge case collectors

We always want to help you with smart magnet solutions to make everyday life easier. Especially if it is a fun gadget solution involving magnets.

We can help with a magnet that collects cartridge casings, but we also have many other fun tricks up our sleeves. Read our FAQ if you want to be inspired. And contact us if you already know what else you can use magnets for and need help making the right purchase. We can point you in the direction of the correct type and size. Our customer service team is available to assist every day of the week and look forward to hearing from you.

Have a good hunt! And let me know if you have any further questions about magnets for hunting.