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10 things you can use hookmagnets for

Instead of investing in 10 different magnets, consider how many uses one single magnet can have.

Take, for instance, our small Ø10 mm hook magnet.

It’s perfect for hanging Christmas decorations (and for all other festive occasions where you want to decorate without drilling or gluing). But, consider using the same little hook magnet for these items as well:



Dog leashes

Dish towels

String lights

Spare keys

Curtain cords

Tote bags

Vine plants


All these require direct contact with a clean metal piece (or another magnet).

Storing toiletries in the bathroom

If you’re short on space in the bathroom for your small items—or if there’s generally too much clutter—you can hang your items with hook magnets. For example, your cotton pad bag, nail scissors, or the cord to your electric razor. If you don't have a metal piece (like a screw head in the cabinet), you can easily set it up yourself to create a magnetic surface.

Jewellery organization - smart storage

You can easily organize your jewellery—whether it needs to hang on a wall, in a closet, or perhaps even on a mirror. It could be a hook magnet for all your necklaces and another for your rings (or more, if you have a large collection). But this easily creates an overview. Some great places to hang them would be on the inside of your bathroom cabinet (possibly on the door), the side of the cabinet, or at the bottom of your overhead cabinet, where they hang down not just organized but also decorative. And then there's the mirror suggestion: place a piece of metal or a magnet behind the mirror, so you can hang a magnet outside the mirror and thus hang your jewellery directly on a magnet hook on the mirror. It looks really good because the magnet "floats." However, if you put a magnet behind the mirror, remember to orient the pole correctly, so it attracts your hook magnet on the other side and does not repel it.

Hook for dog leashes

If you have a small dog leash or vest, you can hang it on the side of, for example, your dog crate or another metal cabinet that is at hand when you need the leash. This hook magnet cannot be used for a flexi line - you'll need a hook size Ø20 mm for that. It’s nice to have everything organized for your dog walks because sometimes you need to get out the door quickly. And ideally, you don't want to spend time looking for the gear. It should hang easily accessible - on a hook magnet.

Dish towel holder - hooks for dish towels

Effortlessly use this compact magnet hook to hang dish towels. It's compact and convenient, meaning you shouldn't yank the towel expecting the hook not to follow, but if you're looking for an easy and affordable solution, this hook can effectively serve as your dish towel peg without any drilling required. We've detailed more on this topic, especially if you don't already have a magnetic surface. Check out our dish towel hanging guide here.

Organizing light strings and cables with magnetic hooks

Tidy up the cluster of small wires under your desk by threading them through the hook and fastening them under the desk, which typically has metallic legs or parts. Alternatively, align your light strings perfectly outdoors, for instance, on metal window frames or downspouts. They may rust over time, as they're not stainless steel, but only the appearance is affected—they retain their magnetism despite rust (we've had some hanging outdoors at our office since 2007, and they're still holding up our light strings just as well).

Where to hide the spare key?

Many common hiding spots for a key are well-known to thieves. However, why not secure the key behind the radiator with a magnetic hook? Or tucked behind the downspout? There are numerous indoor and outdoor spots where you can keep an eye on your keys without thieves being the wiser. Get creative and use the magnet hook as your key hook. It's also perfect for a bike or shed key that needs to be more visibly placed and readily accessible.

Safety hook for curtain cords

Don't let your curtain cords dangle freely—it's both unsafe and unsightly. If you have blinds, there are almost always metallic components in the mounting mechanism to affix the small magnet hook and use it as a cord collector. Or you might find a screw head in the window or door frame where the magnet hook can attach magnetically. Read more about securing curtain cords with magnets here.

Hooks for tote bags and shopping nets

Don't let your bags scatter about—hang them up with a magnet hook. This optimizes space, and you can place your go-to bag in a spot where it's easy to grab. For example, you might have a shopping net that always goes missing. Hang it by the keys on a metal cabinet near the door. Less clutter typically leads to more peace of mind. And that's not a bad thing at all.

Hanging vines and other plants

Trellising vines and climbing flowers can be quite complex. But if you have a greenhouse with a metal frame or a wall with a metallic grid, you can secure parts of your plants with small magnet hooks. It's incredibly handy as you can move them around and, since you're not tying anything around them, they have the freedom to grow. We sell many magnet hooks, especially for vines and climbing hydrangeas.

Smart hanging for your headset

Avoid losing your headset in the office or at home clutter. It's typically put down "in a clever spot," but when you need it, it's hard to remember if it was left in one of the many drawers, on the shelf, or elsewhere. As long as you have wired headphones, you can daintily hang the cord on a small magnet hook. And this hook can be attached to any magnetic surfaces, from the office lamp and a screw in the wall to the metal beams in the ceiling and on the refrigerator. As a bonus, you avoid tangles in the cord, so there's no need to purchase a bulky cord winder for your headphones. This is a smart solution for both your personal mobile phone and your workplace headset, which can benefit from being hung on a magnet hook.


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