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Tests of hook magnets on the fridge

How effective are our hook magnets at carrying when attached to a fridge? To find out, we have decided to stress-test our magnets using a tea towel, a towel, and a bag. Follow along to read about our findings.

Hang tea towels on the fridge

We started our trials by testing the smallest hook magnet we currently supply, Ø10 mm. (about 0.39 in). The tea towel weighed approximately 80 grams and eagerly we set out to see how our magnet held up against the weight. When we put the tea towel on the hook magnet, it stayed in place and there were no issues with the hook sliding down the fridge.  

Test 1 Results:

Hook magnet Ø10 mm. = perfect for a tea towel 

Easily attach a towel to a hook magnet

For this test, we used 2 towels: one weighing approx. 250 g. and the other approx. 275 g. To begin, we tested a Ø20 mm. (about 0.79 in) hook magnet and it worked very well. We were, therefore, curious about what the outcome would be if we used a Ø16 mm. (about 0.63 in) hook magnet for a light towel and a heavy towel. We ran the test and were pleasantly surprised with the outcome: the magnet could easily hold both the light towel and the heaviest towel.  

Test 2 Results:

Hook magnet Ø16 mm. = functional for towels 

Hang a calendar with a hook magnet

We gathered a booklet with A4 paper, which had to hang in a spiral, like a standard calendar. We found that the booklet weighed approximately 320 g. To begin, we testet with a Ø20 mm. (about 0.79 in) hook magnet and we are happy to say that the magnet worked well.

We next questioned the capability of a Ø16 mm. (about 0.63 in) hook magnet coping with the booklet. We are happy to report that a Ø16 mm. (about 0.63 in) hook magnet could easily handle the weight. So with both the Ø16 and Ø20 mm. hook magnet, you will be able to hang up your calendar at home.

However, we found the booklet hangs best with a Ø20 mm. magnetic hook, as it can also withstand you opening and closing the fridge without having to worry about the calendar getting moved.  

Test 3 Results:

Hook magnet Ø16 mm. = suitable for an A4 calendar on the side of the fridge.

Hook magnet Ø20 mm. = suitable for an A4 calendar on the fridge door.  

Do you want to hang up an A3 calendar? Then you will need a bigger magnetic hook (Ø25 mm. or Ø32 mm. depending on the weight). If it is for hanging on the side of the fridge, you can just weigh the calender and multiply the weight by 4 to get the needed strength. But if you need to hang the calender on the front of the fridge door (where it needs to withstand opening and closing the door with no worries), you need to multiply the weight by approx. 8.

You will find one more test result with hook magnets below these products.

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Which magnet is suitable for a heavy bag? 

Ever wondered how strong of a hook magnet you would need to hang a heavy grocery bag? We began our test by calculating that our test bag weighed approximately 1.5 kg. After a brief debate, we sought to test two different hook magnet sizes and record their results. We first started with a Ø32 mm (about 1.26 in) hook magnet, and found the magnet was very had difficulty staying in place. Unfortunately, the Ø32mm (about 1.26 in) hook magnet continued to slide down the fridge. We then tried a Ø40 mm. (about 1.57 in) hook magnet, and found the magnet stayed in place.  

Test 4 Results:

Hook magnet Ø40 mm. = Ideal for a heavy bag 

ATTENTION! Some refrigerator doors are made of very thin metal (really cheap models) and we recommend here that you do not use our stron hook magnets to hang your things; because when you try to pry the hook apart to remove it from the fridge, you face potentially denting the fridge door because the sheet metal is so thin. For these doors, we only recommend up to Ø16 mm. hook magnets (for hanging up towels and other smaller things).

Do you need us to run some tests for you? 

You will find answers to many typical questions in our FAQ, but perhaps you cannot find a project like yours. Do you have a large and heavy item that you want to hang on the fridge? If we cannot figure out which magnet will match your project needs based on your specific requirements, we can work on potentially running tests to ensure you select the correct magnet for your project.