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Magnetic buttons

What makes magnetic buttons so special?

Stop dealing with clumsy buttons. Our magnetic buttons uses magnetic force to make your clothes, bags, and much more, stick together without any problems. Forget about the troubles you have dealing with small and irritating buttons - because with our magnetic buttons, stubborn and  troublesome buttons is a old chapter. A single "click", and you are good to go.

Buttons for for people with disabilities

Magnetic buttons are a genious choiche for people with handicap or functional impairments etc., because they work as a magnetic lock, which is opened again easily, even tho your fingers are stiff or weak. The buttons is more than just a solution; they are a groundbreaking product for anyone facing everyday small challenges. Designed to simplify life, especially for people with physical challenges, magnetic buttons combine strength, durability, and user-friendliness that's hard to find anywhere else. They are the ultimate solution for anyone seeking simplicity and efficiency in their daily routines.

For anyone with difficulties – Parkinson's or other physical impairments – our magnetic buttons transform daily dressing routines from frustration to freedom. Imagine being able to fasten your clothes quickly and painlessly, time after time - independence is invaluable. Our magnetic buttons are designed to empower users, enabling them to dress and undress without assistance, thereby bolstering self-confidence, self-respect, and privacy.

Applications of Magnetic Snaps

From outerwear to everyday tools – the possibilities are endless with our magnetic buttons. They are an indispensable aid in many disabled people's daily lives, for instance, by being integrated into aids such as orthoses, support equipment, and adapted clothing items to enhance usability. Magnetic buttonss are also a central component in the development of interactive educational tools that make learning fun and engaging for children. They have many applications, making them a must-have product for both private and professional users., and also work well as fasteners on clothing or accessories, including bags, wallets, and jewelry, providing an easily manageable solution for anyone seeking a simple fix.

You can, of course, also use the magnetic buttons for basic DIY projects, such as curtain holders or wall decorations. It's truly only the imagination that sets the limits.

Safe buttons

Safety first! Our magnetic snaps almost magically click together when they come close to each other – without risk and pain-free. Avoid struggling with tight buttonholes and instead enjoy the comfort and security of our innovative solution.

Colorful magnetic buttons

Explore our selection of magnetic buttons in a rainbow of colors: white, black, pink, dark pink, orange, blue, green, yellow, red, purple, dark purple, gray, and brown.

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