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Make magnetic letters

In this guide, we guide you on how you can create magnetic letters. It can be both smart and fun for you to create letters with magnets to help your child become better at spelling. Engage them in a fresh and unique way. It is also great for writing funny messages on your fridge or noticeboards. So, follow along and let us show you how quick and easy it is, and all you need is just a little creativity.

There are several diverse ways that you can craft magnetic letters. We have tested a few of these options ourselves in unusual ways. And, of course, there is a difference in which method you should choose. It will depend on what your intended purpose will be for the letters.

How strong magnets should I choose?

Before you get started, it is important to consider how much each individual letter weighs, as the overall weight is a key element to consider for determining how strong the magnets will need to be. Magnetic letters will often hang on a vertical surface, so the magnet will be exposed to an "indirect pull". To make the safe strength choice, multiply the weight of the letter by a minimum of 4.

Make sure that there is direct contact between the magnet and the magnetic surface. If you hide a magnet behind a wood or plastic surface, be aware that already at a 2mm distance, the strength force will decrease with 70%. So for magnetic letters, choose a version with visible magnets that have direct contact to the magnetic surface (fridge, whiteboard etc.).

Here, you will find suggestions to magnets for magnetic letters. And below these suggested items, you will find 3 methods to making magnetic letters.

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Method 1: Recycle scrabble pieces

You can reuse letter pieces from your existing board games, for example a scrabble game set. These pieces look great when hung on a refrigerator or notice boards because they are so unexpected. In scrabble, of course, there are no pieces with the letters Æ, Ø, Å, Ä and Ö for scandinavian use, but you can still use the other pieces to write messages in most other languages.

You have the option of hanging the letter pieces with either power magnets and glue or with magnetic tape that has a self-adhesive backside. A scrabble piece does not weigh more than 20 grams (0.04 lbs.), so you can choose magnets with a load capacity of more than 200 grams (0.44 lbs.).

When you choose magnetic tape as magnetic backside, remember that the strength is per cm2 - so 2 cm. will be double strength and 3 cm. will be triple strength.

Method 2: Sheet with all letters

You can print on a piece of A4 paper or cardboard all the letters you need and wish to make into magnetic letters. For this, you can cut out the individual letters into small squares, where you can use small pieces of self-adhesive magnetic tape on the back. This will allow you to hang the letter pieces on your board without any problems. These pieces of paper each weigh a maximum of a few grams, so you can choose a magnet with a load capacity of minimum 100 grams. Alternatively, you can use an A4 magnetic sheet with self-adhesive backing, which you will use to attach your piece of A4 paper to and then cut out the specific shape of the letters. Here you must remember that the glue must be left to harden at least a minimum of 24 hours before you start cutting out the letters. This solution does not cost very much and does not take long to make. Mostly you will wait for the glue to harden to get neat and sharp edge letters.

But you could also make letters by cutting them out from a magnetic sheet if you are creative and handy with a pair of scissors or a hobby knife. You can find all magnetic sheets here in different colors.

Method 3: Letters in plastic or wood

You can buy letters that are already cut out of various materials. For this method, it will be difficult to use self-adhesive magnetic tape, as you cannot avoid seeing it on the letter. As a solution, using small power magnets will be the best solution. You can either buy these magnets with self-adhesive backing or use a few drops of superglue. Either way, ensure you let the glue harden before handling.

Do you have another idea for making magnet letters?

If you have another fun idea for how to craft magnetic letters, you can always contact us if you need guidance. We are always ready and curious about new fun DIY projects with magnets.