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Block magnets - Neodymium

What are block magnets used for?

The most common magnets are disc magnets (round and flat). But often, you can also use block magnets in stead. So if you have seen a video on Youtube where disc magnets are being used, you should know that often you can also use square magnets. It depends on the design as the magnetic field is determined by Tesla and Gauss.

Let us set an example: if you wish to make a magnetic knife rack, you could use both round and square magnets. And for projects where you need to make an insert for the magnets (like a knife rack with "installed magnets"), it is often easier to make a square hole/insert.

If you are looking for magnets for making magnetic curtains, we would also recommend using square magnets as it looks nicer in the assembly of the fabric.

Want to know more about magnets

Listing all projects that we have been a part of since 2007 would tire most people and be more confusing than it would benefit. That is why we have made a FAQ for you if you want to know more about different types of magnets and how to use them properly. So if you are at the beginning of your project, still looking for technical answers, a good place to start would definitely be our FAQ. But you are also very welcome to contact our customer service. We are here all weekdays and can help you by phone or e-mail. Also if your question is "if block magnets are the right type of magnets" for you - no magnetic question is too small, too insignificant or too weird for us.