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Can ferrite magnets be changed?

Can the shape of ferrite magnets be changed with drills or grinders? Drilling, grinding, or sawing into ferrite magnets is not something we recommend be done. Just be advised that the magnets are crude, so it can be done, but they are fragile and “brittle”.

It is possible to machine the ferrite magnets with a diamond drill or a diamond grinder. The key to success requires the magnet to be constantly cooled with water and drilled or grinded down at high rotation. It is essential that it happens quickly and without overheating the magnet. 

You can easily break a ferrite magnet into smaller pieces without affecting the magnetism. Only the total strength of each piece is affected. Be advised that you should not expect straight edges afterwards, as the magnets are fragile and unlikely to be cleanly cut down into straight edges.  

How are ferrite magnets made into shapes? 

It is important to understand that the ferrite magnets only get their magnetism after processing the material with which the magnets are made. And that is why it is easy to cast a magnet in the right shape from the start, but more difficult afterwards to correct the shape. The reason is because the material behaves differently when it is magnetic. 

Here are some of our ferrite magnets:

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We have many types and varieties of ferrite magnets, so we hope you can find some ferrite magnets that suit your needs. If you cannot find the one you need, do not hesitate to contact us to inquire about a special size.

For customization jobs, a minimum order is required for special production, so be sure to have your specific measurements and shape desired. Just contact our customer service with an inquiry – and we will immediately investigate what we can do to help you achieve your goals and how many must be produced for it to be possible (and how many will be worth buying so it will pay off for you).