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What Is the Strongest Magnet You Can Buy?

What Is the Strongest Magnet You Can Buy?

Magnets come in all shapes and sizes. Every one of us has at some point in our life needed a magnet for one reason or another. If you’re anything like me you probably played around with a set from the fridge or something like that - sticking two together or pushing them apart.

Maybe you don’t have a clue how magnets function, I haven’t, but we’ve all wondered what magnet is the strongest of them all. Which one is the super magnet of the super magnets? Thus I’m no expert nor physicist I’ve researched the market and this is what I’ve found:

What is the strongest you can buy? The neodymium magnet is the strongest type of magnet you can buy. They’re permanent magnets and also referred to as power magnets which of course hint to their extreme power. They are very affordable but caution is advised due to their serious strength.

This is of course only the very short answer to the question but if you’re interested and curious about the topic we’ll give the long and more in-depth answer.

What is the strongest magnet you can buy?

You’re reading this blog so it must be safe to assume that are looking to buy a cool and super strong magnet. And you’ve definitely come to the right place then.

We here at Magnetpartner have a broad and large selection of all kind of magnets and we’ll love to tell you all about them. But first of all, you probably want to hear read about the strongest of them all; the neodymium magnet.

We list the neodymium magnets under the bullet “Power magnets” because neodymium magnets are crazy powerful magnets. A lot of people also call them super magnets which is a name that truly speaks for itself. Their chemical name is NdFeB magnets.

As we stated above these are the strongest permanent magnets we know and is also both cheap and doesn’t weigh very much. You can buy them as dices, cubes, blocks, spheres and all kinds of shapes and all within an affordable price range. We sell neodymium magnets as cheap as just 1 EUR.

How to choose

Maybe you not even sure what kind of magnet you want or maybe you’re confused about what you actually can get. The strength of magnets is indicated as a direct pull. You have to check the strength of the magnet you’re buying because not all magnets are suited for all purposes.

For example, you can’t use a strong power magnet for a glass-magnetic-board because the magnets are simply too strong and will break your board. We always list if power is or is not suitable for a glass board.

When you’re scrolling through the many different options you will notice that the strength of the magnet is listed in kilograms on the picture. The amount of kg indicates just how much strength that a magnet has when it is in direct contact with a magnetic surface and is being pulled directly.

7 cool things you can use a power magnet for

First and foremost it’s of great importance to state that power magnets are to handle very absolute caution. If you do not take your precautions then you or others might get injured and we wouldn’t want that to happen.

Power magnets are very strong and definitely not toys for children to play with. Children could swallow a magnet which is potentially very dangerous or put a magnet into a power outlet and thereby suffer an electric shock.

Also, it’s very easy for both children and adult to get fingers caught between these very powerful magnets and this will undoubtedly hurt a great deal and with very large magnets you might also suffer bone fractures.

Be careful not to get power magnets near your precious and surely very expensive electronic devices. Magnets produce a far-reaching and exceptionally strong magnetic field that will destroy your phone, TV, laptop, tablet etc. So be safe and them out of harm’s way.

#1 Hang it up

One of the most practical and popular uses of strong magnets is hanging up different things without having to drill a hole. The only thing you really need is a magnetic surface and a power magnet with the right strength and you can hang up just about anything.

For example wouldn’t it be nice to have a holder for your soda or beer for instance on your fridge? Or maybe you have a store with iron beams below the ceiling which is great because you will have every possibility to use magnets when you hang up your stuff.

#2 Drill away

Are you more the conventional type or just not completely sure of how much your magnet can hold? Well even in this case you might find a magnet useful. Every person who has been operating a power drill in their home has probably at some point tried to hit a steel bar hidden inside the wall.

This is super annoying because you have to start all over and drill another hole in the wall which does not look very nice. But if you beforehand examine the wall with a magnet you will know where there is potentially a steel bar among the bricks in those places where the magnets stick. If you use this clever little trick please make sure not to get too close to your electric installations with the magnet.

#3 Pick it up

You have your toolbox out and you’re trying to find that one specific screwdriver and suddenly it happens. You knock over a box of nails, the biggest one you have of course, and now the floor is covered in sharp small nail which you can spend the next hour picking up.

But you actually don’t have to if you own a strong power magnet. The nails are made of iron most likely so you can easily use the magnets magnetic field to pick up all the nails in no time.

#4 Avoiding #3

When you now have collected all the nail there’s actually one more little tips for you. Put your magnet on the backside of the nail box and the magnets pull will make sure that the nails will stay in place if you were to knock the box over again.

The same trick can be applied if you’re into sewing where a magnet can be a useful tool to keep track of all the needles.

#5 Where am I?

Speaking of needles why not make a compass? You can make a very simple compass by rubbing a needle against a magnet some 50 time or so, stick the needle through a cork, place the cork in a bowl of water and the needle act as a compass aligning itself to point north and south.

#6 A healthy diet

An essential element in our diet is iron and it is very important for general health. You can get from a lot of different types of food but not all an amount so high that you can detect it with a magnet. But a product such as cereal has an augmented amount of iron and therefore perfect for a little experiment with a magnet.

If you crush for example a pile of Bran Flakes you will able to separate the iron from the cereal and in that way check if the cereal contains iron as it promises.

#7 Please enclose safely

After you’re done with your fun experiment you’ll probably start tidying up and putting the cereal back on its place in the kitchen cabinet. But know the bag is open and you need a good way to close properly. Well, why not use your magnets? Fold the bag’s opening and jam between two magnets and your cereal is now enclosed safely.

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