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Smiley Magnets, 3-pak MIX - Powerful Magnets

Product no.: MAGZ-390-MIX

Mix of 3 smileys with the normal LEAN colors. We print them on demand when you buy a set (or more).
Strength 1.5 kg.
As described in the product text, the printer leaves small stripes on the sides of the magnets in some cases. This is hard to avoid but also not something you see when using the magnets.
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10,68 13,35 EUR

Total: 10,68 13,35 EUR

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1,5 kg.
32 mm.
9 mm.
Glass board:
Outdoor use:


A pack of three (3) different smileys:

  • Happy (Green)
  • Sad (Red)
  • Neutral (Yellow)

Strong magnets with smileys printed on them. These magnets will easily be recognized visually on your board.

Colors are internationally symbolic and readily recognized, and it therefore does not even require that you know the same language to be able to show a state-of-being easily.

Strength: approx. 1.5 kg.
Diameter: 3.26 cm.
Height: 0.9 cm.

ATTENTION! These magnets are made with full color print on white magnets. This means that color shields may appear on the back of the magnets. However, it is not something you see when they are hanging on the board. See photo number two (2) as a reference.

Magnets for LEAN use:
Green is known as the universal symbolic color that a task has been completed. Commonly, yellow symbolizes that a task is underway but still requires attention. And finally, red symbolizes that a task either needs to be started, or that there is further special attention needed on the task; for example, that a task must be dropped.

Magnets for a mood board:
Mood boards are used throughout special schools, where the children are not always able to describe or articulate their mood into words. So, studies have shown that it can be helpful for educators to start the day by asking students to select and place a magnet that symbolizes their mood.

Magnets for dishwashers or other similar appliances:
We sell these magnets to kitchen manufacturers and caretakers. The kitchen industry uses them, for example, to show that a machine is clean (Green), dirty (Red), or running (Yellow). And caretakers use them to plan their tasks for the various properties they manage.

These magnets are our own design and can only be purchased from Magnetpartner (Magnetz og Magnordic).

We have found that these magnets can be used on glass boards but can only hang on themselves and maybe 1 piece of paper. However, these same magnets can hold up to 12 pieces of paper on a whiteboard and more on a metal board.

Safety information

NB! Read this safety message about power magnets, before you buy and take the magnets into use.


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