Magnetic sheet A4, Silver

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Product number: MAGZ-1968-P

A4 silver coloured magnetic foil.

Magnetic sheets are not suitable for glass boards!

High-quality magnetic sheets. Cut it to the desired shape and size with a regular scissor or with a craft knife.

Size: 21 cm x 30 cm (A4) 
Thickness: 1 mm. 
Strength: approx. 80 gr per sq. cm. 
Colour: silver.

Use it e.g. to make signs for the whiteboard or magnetic pieces for notes for the fridge. There are countless options.

Magnetic sheets adhere to all magnetic surfaces, except glass boards. Available in many colours.

The magnetic sheet is made of flexible magnetic foil.

With strength of only around 80 gr. per sq. cm, magnetic foil represents the weakest magnetism within magnets. However, it is still more than enough to satisfy most needs.

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