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Magnetic sheet strip 7x29 cm w/self-adhesive

Product no.: MAGZ-193-SPEC

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Price per unit:

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297 mm.
70 mm.
1 mm.
Magnetic foil


Sometimes you just need a small piece of magnetic foil to complete your project. Here you can buy our strong & flexible magnetic foil as a strip of 8cm x 29.7cm (80mm x 297mm / 3.15in x 11.69in).

Thickness: 1mm (0.1cm/0.04in)
Strength: Approx. 80 grams per cm2.
Size: 7cm x 29.7cm (70mm x 297mm/2.76in x 11.69in)

The strength of the magnetic foil is around 80 grams per cm2. For example, a 7cm x 7cm (70mm x 70mm/2.76in x 2.76in) piece of magnetic foil has a strength capability of almost 4 kg. (8.8lbs.). But to achieve maximum strength, full contact with metal or another magnetic surface is required.

This size is excellent if you need to make some small magnetic cards, such as magnetic business cards. But you can also use the magnetic foil as a magnetic knife rail. You can hang the magnetic foil on the side of your kitchen cupboard so that the knife handles can hang over the edge of your cupboard and not interfere with the magnetic foil magnetism.

NB! Magnetic sheets cannot be used on magnetic glass boards!

The color is dark gray, almost black. The white side is the foil that protects the adhesive of the magnetic foil - ready to use when you receive it. Simply pull off the protective film (ensure you do not touch the glue), and firmly press the magnetic foil onto your work surface. Ensure that you do not trap any air bubbles for a perfect result.

Magnetic foil can be easily cut and can be cut as needed with universal kitchen scissors or a hobby knife.

REMEMBER to clean your work surface properly before applying the magnetic foil (we recommend isopropyl alcohol for cleaning most surfaces). Please read the link about glue to the left before buying magnets with self-adhesive.

Also available for sale as an A4 sheet or roles with up to 30 metres on.

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