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How Do You Remagnetize A Magnet?

Sometimes magnets can lose some of their magnetic force, which means that they can’t hold as much weight as they used too. This can make the magnet for useless for the application you bought it for. So how do you remagnetize a magnet, and win back the power?

How do you remagnetize a magnet? You remagnetize a magnet by bringing it into contact with a strong magnet. So, if you have a weakened magnet, you must carefully bring it to contact with a strong neodymium magnet. This will make your weakened magnet regain its magnetic force.

That was it. The short and simple answer on how to remagnetize a magnet. During the next sections, I will elaborate on how you safely and effectively remagnetize a magnet.

How to remagnetize a magnet

Since you’re reading this, you probably have a magnet that has lost some of its magnetic force. This can happen because of several reasons, which I will explain later. Fortunately, it’s possible to remagnetize a magnet, making it as strong as ever. And it’s actually quite easy and simple.

If you want the best possible result of the remagnetizing, you need to take you a weakened magnet and touch one of its pole with the opposite pole of a strong neodymium magnet.

It is important that you use a magnet where the two poles are clearly indicated. This means that the shape must be made in such a way, that it’s easy to differentiate the south pole from the north pole.

You should also be careful using very powerful neodymium magnets for this matter. Even though the strongest neodymium magnets are very important for many modern applications in industry, manufacturing, science, and production, they can simply be too strong to handle.

Be aware that magnets are not toys, and you should always be careful when handling them, especially when we’re talking neodymium magnets. If you want to make sure that you use a magnet that is safe to use for this application, please choose one of our recommendations below.

Now, back to how you remagnetize a magnet. As I mentioned before, you must point your weakened magnet towards the opposite pole of a neodymium magnet.

Once you have obtained a neodymium magnet, you must find out which end of the magnet is the north pole and which is the south pole. The best way to do this I used a compass. If you bring a compass near neodymium magnets north pole, the needle will point towards the south. And if you hold it near the south pole, it will point north.

By doing this, you have safely identified which pole is north and south. You can use the same method for the magnet you want to remagnetize. Some magnets poles are already marked by the manufacturer. Check for this before using the compass method.

TIP: You can color mark the poles with a blue and red color (red being south, and north blue)

Now to the last step of remagnetizing your weakened magnet. When you have identified the poles of both of the magnets, you need to take your weakened magnet and touch the northern pole of it with the south pole of the neodymium magnet.

After this, you simply repeat the process, but in reverse. You take the south pole of your weakened magnet and touch the north pole of the neodymium magnet with it.

Complete! Now your magnet is as strong as ever! If you continue reading, you will find out which neodymium magnet we recommend you to use when remagnetizing a magnet. You will also find out why your magnet has been weakened in the first place, and how you should store your magnets to avoid the weakening.

Magnets you can use for remagnetizing a magnet.

Name: Power Magnet, ROD 10x40 MM
Strength: 4,3 kg.
Price: 6,50 EUR
Type: Neodymium

Name: Power Magnet, ROD 8x30 MM
Strength: 2,7 kg.
Price: 5,40 EUR
Type: Neodymium

Name: Power Magnet, DISC 20x12 MM
Strength: 12 kg.
Price: 8,3 EUR
Type: Neodymium

Name: Power Magnet, DISC 20x20 MM
Strength: 15 kg.
Price: 11,10 EUR
Type: Neodymium

Why magnets lose their power

There can be several reasons why a magnet has lost its magnetic power. First of all, magnets will lose its power over time, but it takes a lifetime for it to lose just a little bit, so it probably won’t be that reason that makes you magnet weaken out.

The most common reasons are incorrectly storing or powerful hits. If you drop your magnet enough times, it will lose some of its power. That's another reason why children shouldn’t play around with magnets. Kids drop things, that’s just how it is.

So, if you want your magnets power to last, you must handle it with care, and not expose it to heavy hits and drops. It simply can't withstand it. You also risk breaking it completely into several pieces, which can be dangerous!

If you store multiple magnets in a big mess, where the magnetism is drawn into several directions, it can also weaken your magnet.

How to store magnets correctly

Magnets can actually be very different from each other, which also means that they require different things. Some magnets are more sensitive than others. It is important that you know your magnets, and the material they are made of if you want to make sure that you store them correctly.

There are four basic things you need to be aware of when you store your magnets, which is heat, shock, moisture, and demagnetization.

First of all, you should always store your magnets at room temperature. If your magnets are exposed to constant heat, it may affect its power. How much heat a magnet can withstand depends on the specific magnet.

You also need to keep your magnets away from mechanical shocks. This includes hard strikes of any kind. Carefully handle your magnets, and avoid dropping them or banging them against something!

The third thing is moisture. You basically just need to store your magnets in a dry place, where they are protected from any kind of moist. Neodymium magnets are especially vulnerable to moist.

If you have several types of magnets, you must store them separately. If you want to be absolutely sure that your magnet won't demagnetize, you can use a magnet keeper.

A good tip, in general, is to store magnets, so they are magnetized to each other by separate poles.

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