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MagMount 300 (MagSwitch)

Product no.: MAGZ-8100595-S

MagMount 300 is a on/off magnet working solely on magnetism and distance (no electrism). Direct pull force: 111 kg. or 246 lbs.
Strength 111.0 kg.
Here you can see the MagMount from the other side. Often used for transporting metal items with magnetic force
The magnet is versatile for many purposes. Super easy to use the handle that switches the magnet on/off.
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111,0 kg.


MagMount 300 is the perfect tool when working with mounting in a workshop.

Just like having an extra hand in the workshop - easy to use and to switch on/off with the silver handle. See the data sheet below.

Strength: up to 111 kg. (246 lbs.) in a direct pull.

The MagMount 300 is made with a strong magnet which can be activated / disabled by simply pushing the handle from one side to the other. It is not made with electro magnetism so you won't have to worry about enough power or breakdown. It works by making use of simple magnetism and distance but made for heavy daily use. With a 90 degree actuation, you have a fast and precise positioning with strong hold. And the top mount magnets feature (two magnets) are ideal for supporting fixtures over a distance.

The fixed bar magnet is for flat steel, and the swivel bar magnet is for round or uneven shapes.

With a pull force of 111 kg., you are covered for most tasks. Especially if you have 2 MagMounts (one for each hand).


  • The magnetism can be turned completely on and off.
  • Doesn't use electrical power source.
  • Holds flat and round surfaces of steel.
  • Multiple threaded holes on the top.
  • Perfect for top mount tools, measuring and security devices.
  • Versatile and can be used in fixed plant or job site applications, or for items being transported.

The MagMount also stays clean; unlike traditional magnetic mounts that hold on to metal chips even when off. Here you won’t cut your fingers cleaning away steel debris.

You will find the data sheet for the MagMount 300 here.

Model: 8100595
Weight: approx. 0.5 kg.
Strength: approx. 111 kg.

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