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Race number magnets, 4 pack (17x4 mm.)

Product no.: MAGZ-1100-S

Magnets for race numbers etc., 4-pack rubber magnets
Strength 1.5 kg.
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1,5 kg.


Sports / race number magnets.

Use race number magnets instead of safety pins and avoid damaging your running clothing. 

The magnets should be kept away from pacemakers, credit cards, mobile phones, etc.

Diameter: 17 mm
Height: 4 mm
Strength: approx. 1.5 kg.

Pack of 4 magnets: two for each upper corner of the race number. Buy two packs if you would like magnets for the bottom corners as well. The magnets are so strong that you really only need 2 magnets in all. But you get 2x2 magnets, allowing for a magnet for two corners so that your race number doesn't flap.

Regardless of the weather, these rubber magnets will hold your race number in place when you run – guaranteed. The rubber shell secures the magnets to your clothing so that your race number doesn't move about during the race as many other sports magnets do.

Unfortunately, many sports magnets still prioritise design over performance. We are the complete opposite: our no. 1 priority is that it works and looks nice, rather than it might work, but looks great.

The rubber magnets consist of a neodymium magnet in a rubber shell, which means that the magnet can be used outdoors without rusting.

Please note: The rubber magnets may leave a dark stain if the magnet is rubbed against clothes. However, these stains are often easily removed with a damp cloth (not colour-resistant).

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