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Magnetic tape, Grey, 50 mm x 1 m, Self-adhesive

Product no.: MAGZ-222-M

Price per unit

Price per unit:

11,28 14,10 EUR

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1000 mm.
50 mm.
1 mm.
Magnetic foil


With your purchase you will receive a wide self-adhesive Gray magnetic foil measuring 50 mm (about 1.97 in/5cm).

The adhesive on the magnetic foil is on the backside and has a protective film to ensure the glue does not dry out. Keep in mind that the adhesive is of good quality, so use caution handling and do not touch the adhesive with your fingers.

NB! Always remember to clean the surface where you wish to place the self-adhesive magnetic tape (we recommend isopropyl alcohol for most surfaces).

The price above is per metre. If your project requires more than a metre, simply select the number of whole metres under “number” on the right and we will send you a whole roll with all metres ordered. Pricing will vary depending on the number of metres ordered (large discount rates available to all EU customers).

Width: 5 cm (50mm/1.97in)
Thickness: 1.8 mm (0.18cm/0.07in)
Color: Dark Gray
Strength: Approx. 100 grams per cm2.

The thickness of the magnetic foil including the glue is approx. 1.8mm (0.07in/0.18cm). The magnetic foil itself is of strong and durable quality and has a 1.5mm (0.06in/0.15cm) thickness.

We can deliver up to 30 meters per roll and we can cut the magnetic foil into the length you request. For customized sizes simply write in the remarks section the exact size you would like to receive.

This magnetic foil cannot be used on magnetic glass boards. For magnetic glass boards we recommend using power magnets instead.

An advantage of magnetic foil is that you can easily cut the magnetic foil to the desired size (and in many different shapes), with a pair of aluminum scissors. It is very easy and fun to use.

Some of our customers have used magnetic foil on storage racks and containers, cars to display advertisements, and other business sign displays. Magnetic foil will allow you to stick stickers or advertising material directly on the magnetic surface and facilitate changing the message/sign whenever you need a new displayed message.

Also, magnetic foil can be used directly on the wall, a mirror, or any other flat surface you want to make magnetic. You can even use magnetic foil to hang posters without the need for nails and screws. Just take caution when measuring out the amount of magnetic foil you will need. Heavier images will require more magnetic foil when compared to lighter weighing images.

Magnetic foil, sometimes referred to as magnetic tape, is made of flexible magnetic foil, where the carrying capacity is around 100 grams per cm2.

In the second product image, you can see how we used this magnetic foil to hang up our items.