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Magnetic button 26 mm., Dark Purple

Product no.: MAGZ-038ML-KN

Purple button (magnetic) for sewing into clothing and costumes - a set with two parts that attract with a strength of about 2.5 kg.
Strength 2.5 kg.
The two parts are marked with L and R for "left" and "right". This is clever in ensuring that the letter faces towards the fabric, making it invisible from the outside.
Here you see the magnetic button from a different angle, where you can notice the edge on one part. This perspective might also give you a better sense of its size at 26 mm compared to a hand.
The two parts of the magnetic button next to each other. One package contains two parts (one north and one south).
Price per unit

Price per unit:

2,16 2,70 EUR

Total: 2,16 2,70 EUR

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2,5 kg.
For sewing
26 mm.
4,6 mm.
Glass board:
Outdoor use:


Colored buttons with magnets in, designed for sewing into clothing, curtains etc. with simply a needle and tread - no need for a fancy sewing mashine here.

Each unit contains of two parts with buttonholes.

You get one north and one south every time you order 1 unit. So 1 unit gives you 1 set 10 units gives you 10 sets. Generally, 5 button units are adequate for a standard jacket or shirt (though preferences vary).

This model is a dark purple color, closely resembling plum.

These purple magnetic buttons could be a colorful detail on a dress or denim jacket, adding a fresh touch to an otherwise classic piece of clothing, making it more personal and unique. But you can also make it more invisible when sewing it on to your clothes or a costume.

Shades can be difficult to describe, but the purple color has a warm & brownish quality to it, also referred to as "plum" or "dark mirabelle". It is close to the color Redwood Brown with the color code #5D1E0F.


  • Diameter: 2.6 cm.
  • Height: approx. 4.6 mm.
  • Strength: approx. 2.5 kg.
  • Maximum temperature: 80°C
  • Colour: Dark Purple

One part of the magnet has a small edge that the other part fits into. This ensures that clothes with these magnetic buttons can comfortably move around without having to check your buttons all the time. Also, the magnets are designed to be easily opened, even with cold fingers or by those with arthritis, without compromising their secure hold.

Magnetic buttons are not just for normal clothes and secure bag closure. They are also perfect for costumes; with a high demand from European theatres.

Use these magnets for magnetic closures on shirts, jackets, bathrobes, costumes, and much more. Or use them as aids for wheelchairs, metal headboards etc., where it is smart to use magnets instead of ordinary buttons or velcro.

Sewing these magnets into garments is as simple as attaching a regular button. By sewing a button on the outermost visible layer, it makes the garment appear as though it's traditionally fastened with a regular button.

Make sure that to two parts of each button are in direct contact as distance weakens the magnetism. Therefore, do not sew them between two layers of fabric if you want to maintain maximum strength.

Also available in 12 other colors.

Safety information

NB! Read this safety message about power magnets, before you buy and take the magnets into use.


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