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Magnetic button 26 mm., Dark Rose

Product no.: MAGZ-035MR-KN

Rose colored magnetic button for sewing into clothing and costumes - a set with two parts that attract with a strength of about 2.5 kg.
Strength 2.5 kg.
The two parts are marked with L and R for "left" and "right". This is clever in ensuring that the letter faces towards the fabric, making it invisible from the outside.
Here you see the magnetic button from a different angle, where you can notice the edge on one part. This perspective might also give you a better sense of its size at 26 mm compared to a hand.
The two parts of the magnetic button next to each other. One package contains two parts (one north and one south).
Price per unit

Price per unit:

2,16 2,70 EUR

Total: 2,16 2,70 EUR

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2,5 kg.
For sewing
26 mm.
4,6 mm.
Glass board:
Outdoor use:


Rose colored button magnets for sewing into clothes, curtains, etc., with buttonholes for easy attachment.

It's super easy - you don't even need a sewing machine; just a normal needle and thread.

One unit contains two parts: one north and one south. Ordering 1 unit gives you 1 set, and ordering 10 units provides 10 sets. Generally, 5 button sets are adequate for a standard jacket or shirt, though preferences vary.

This model is pink in a fuchsia shade (like the flower). The beautiful rose color pairs well with neutral colors if you're looking to spice up, for instance, a jacket or bag with some color. You can use the magnetic button as a magnetic lock also, e.g. to hold the bag's straps together in a new and interesting way. You will easily be able to open your bag - but the thief will wonder "how".

The shade is called "deep rose" and has the color code #c74767.

One part of the magnet has a small edge that the other part fits into. This ensures that clothes with these magnetic buttons can comfortably accommodate movement without shifting. Additionally, the magnets are designed to be easily opened, even with cold fingers or by those with arthritis, without compromising their secure hold.


  • Diameter: 2.6 cm.
  • Height: approx. 4.6 mm.
  • Strength: approx. 2.5 kg.
  • Maximum temperature: 80°C
  • Colour: Dark Rose

Use these magnets for magnetic closures on shirts, jackets, bathrobes, costumes, and much more. We sell a lot of these magnetic buttons for theatres all over Europe.

These magnets are as easy to sew into clothing as a standard button. And if you sew a normal button on the outermost visible layer of fabric, it simply appears as though your garment is fastened with a regular button.

Make sure that to two parts of each button are in direct contact as distance weakens the magnetism. Therefore, do not sew them between two layers of fabric if you want to maintain maximum strength.

Available in 12 other colors - also white and black if you prefer a more neutral button color.

Safety information

NB! Read this safety message about power magnets, before you buy and take the magnets into use.


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