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Work Gloves, HandyFit size M/8

Product no.: MAGZ-008-V

Work Gloves, HandyFit size M/8
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Be careful with your fingers when taking magnets apart.

Now you can buy the same kind of gloves that we use in the warehouse at Magnetpartner when we separate strong magnets from each other. This size is medium (glove size 8).

HandyFit has a good fit and a rubber coating on the palm, so you have a good grip on the magnets.

Size: Medium (8)
Contents: 1 pair
Material: Eco-tex standard 100

We have the gloves in several sizes. Just buy exactly the number you need. Here we do not force you to buy in packages.

HandyFit M/8 is made of spandex nylon with breathable foam nitrile on palms and fingertips. The gloves are made with the following level of protection: abrasion resistance 4 (number of turns), cut resistance 1 (index), tear resistance 3 (Newton), puncture resistance 1 (Newton) and cut resistance EN ISO 13997 (N). They have a high resistance to wear and tear as well as breathable non-slip palms for better comfort during use. They provide a really good fit and high flexibility - you just have to remember to choose the right size for your hand (the sizes are standard EU sizes). Eco-tex standard 100 means that the work gloves are made of environmentally friendly materials that are not harmful to health.

More security with magnets

These gloves are not just for separating magnets more safely. They can be used for many other things such as gardening or handling wood and metal where you want to protect your fingers from sharp edges and splinters. However, it is important to emphasize that there is no metal in the gloves, so they do not have the status of safety gloves if you, for example, are looking for gloves for welding, cutting etc. But they fit very well in our range of magnetic products because they are the ones we use ourselves. And we have received many requests for safer handling of strong magnets, which is why you can now also buy these work gloves here.

You still have to be careful with gloves on

Since these are not strictly safety gloves, you still need to be careful in case of uncontrolled collision of two magnets near your hands and fingers. There is no metal protection in the fingers, because then you would not have full movement when separating magnets. You must therefore still handle your strong magnets with respect of the wild forces that exist in a magnetic fields. But the gloves ensure that you don't get seriously injured. And they insure you against approx. 9 out of 10 of the blood blisters you get from daily work with strong magnets.