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Wooden magnetic separator – Special edition

Product no.: MAGZ-2633-SPEC

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Our wooden magnetic separator is 100% handmade. You will only find this magnetic separator at Magnetz. It was designed by Jesper in collaboration with a competence center in North Zealand. Throughout the design and manufacturing process, the wooden magnetic separator was intensely researched, put through numerous tests and attention to the smallest details were given. We are proud to present and make available to all this large magnetic separator.

This magnetic divider is a small piece of handmade elegance for everyday life.

We have written and said a lot about how to take magnets apart. If you disassemble magnets often or work with strong magnets, we can recommend a magnet separator. It is not only much easier but also much safer.

The magnetic separator is as elegant as it is simple and inexpensive. And it should be a key piece of equipment for anyone who works with magnets every day.

Size: 40x20x6 cm (about 2.36 in).

The magnetic separator is about 40 cm (about 1.31 ft) long, and the legs are about 20 cm (about 7.87 in) wide. The height is approximately 6 cm (about 2.36 in). In addition, the handle has been ergonomically designed. Designed specifically to fit nicely in your hand when you need to take strong magnets apart. 

As you can see from the photos provided, the separator has been designed to have 2 functions. The round notch will assist you in removing smaller disc magnets and bar magnets. The larger notch is designed for larger magnets of all shapes. 

As previously mentioned, it was made in collaboration with an activity and competence center in North Zealand. Therefore, if our separators are out of stock, you may face some delays in restocking times.  

Design: Magnordic
Material: Wood 

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