Power magnet, Block 60x30x15 mm.

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Product number: MAGZ-141-P

Extremely strong magnet of neodymium.

Length: 6 cm.
Width: 3 cm.
Height: 1.5 cm.
Strength: approx. 56 kg.

Extremely strong super magnet. Has a strength of 56 kg. in straight pull. Not a magnet to play with. It can cause some serious injuries if you get your fingers stuck between two of these magnets or one of these magnets and a metal plate.

Only sent with parcel post because of special packing.

Strength: approx. 56,000 g.
Material: NdFeB
Magnetisation: N40
Gauss: 12600-12900 (1,26-1,29 T)
MGOe: 38-40
Max. temperature: 80°C
Surface: nickel-plated (Ni-Cu-Ni)

Has to be treated with caution as two colliding magnets will break into small pieces because of the strong magnetic field and and by that the enormous force of attraction. The magnet is only protected by a thin layer of nickel.

If two magnets stick directly together, or if a magnet sticks directly to pure metal, you can seperate them by using the edge of a table or a special magnet seperator. Do therefore only buy this magnet if you know what you are doing.

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