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UHU Glue Remover Spray, 200 ml.

Product no.: MAGZ-720-L

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How to easily and effectively remove glue? Either with knuckle grease or with UHU spray glue remover.

When you regularly deal with magnets, you cannot avoid incorporating glue solutions. But many of us do not know how to properly and easily remove glue. Something we should all know if we are attempting to incorporate glue for the first time onto our projects.

To address this concern, we have designed and created a glue remover spray. UHU spray glue remover has been used by many of our craft customers. But of course, it can also be used for private use if you need a helping hand to remove glue from the wall or your specific work surface.

UHU Adhesive Remover Spray is a universal adhesive remover for the safe removal of adhesive resides. When applied properly, you can remove everything* ranging from super glue and universal glue to instant glue. In addition, UHU Adhesive Remover Spray can be used to remove oil and grease from most surfaces or if you need to remove paint/ink reside. However, it will not work on clothing material.

DISCLOSURE: *Not suitable for removing 2-component adhesives such as UHU Plus Endfest.

While applying you can hold UHU Adhesive Remover Spray both horizontally and vertically, it just works.

Model: UHU UH51450
Contents: 200 ml.
Form: Aerosol Can

It is a can with contents under high pressure. It must be kept far away from places with extremely high heat and open flames. For safety purposes it must be handed over for recycling once empty, do not throw away as general waste.

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