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Countersunk metal disc w/edge, Round 33x2 mm.

Product no.: MAGZ-302-M

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Price per unit:

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33 mm.
2 mm.
Outdoor use:


Recessed metal plate w/edge, round 33x2 mm. - a magnetic metal plate with a M4 countersunk hole. The countersunk hole ensures you can attach the metal plate with countersunk screw onto your work surface for a flat surface and the edge prevents magnets from sliding off the metal plate because it acts as a barrier.

These metal plates are great for hanging hook magnets or other pot magnets on because of the anti-slip edge.

NB! This item is NOT a magnet! Metal plates are magnetic when used together with magnets but do not work as magnets themselves.

This metal plate will fit Ø32 mm (1.26 inches) magnets.

Diameter: 33 mm. (1.3 inches)
Height including edge: 2 mm. (0.08 inches)
Edge height: 1 mm. (0.04 inches)
Hole size: M4
Surface: Zinc

The metal discs are sold individually. Determine the quantity over to the right (below the prices). We always have large volume discounts.

It is often cheaper and just as good to use a magnet-on-metal solution as it is using a magnet-on-magnet solution to complete your project. Please do not hessitate to contact us if you want us to give advise regarding your metal/magnet project.

ATTENTION! Remember to attach the metal plate before you try to attach a magnet to the metal. The metal plate is made of quality metal that ensures magnets achieve strong attachment force. Therefore, it can be difficult to get the magnet off the metal plate if it is not screwed onto the final surface area first. If you want to test a magnet on the metal plate, remember to put a screw through the hole in the metal plate first, so that you have a “hook” to tilt the metal plate off the magnet again when you are ready to screw the metal plate to the wall (or similar).

When you need to secure the metal plate, it is best to use a countersunk screw with a conical head. Ideally, a screw head measuring between 4.7 mm. (0.19 inches) and 5.7 mm (0.22 inches) can be used.

If the metal plate is to be mounted on thin wooden walls, like those found in wardrobes, the screws can be bought at most hardware stores in the length needed. You often find them in boxes of assorted screws. If the screw is too long, just shorten its length with a saw or another suitable sharp tool.

These metal plates with an edge can be purchased individually and in bulk packages. On the right of the screen, you will find the various discount rates we offer.

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