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Rubber magnet with internal thread, Ø20 mm.

Product no.: MAGZ-1429-U

20 mm. neodymium magnet with M4 internal thread
Strength 3.2 kg.
The rubber coating is black and the internal thread is just beneath the rubberized surface
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Price per unit:

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3,2 kg.
20 mm.
6 mm.


Small but powerful pot magnet with rubber coating and internal steel thread (M4).

The magnet is made with N42 neodymium. And the internal thread is made with Q235 steel.

Diameter: 2 cm.
Height: 0.6 cm.
Thread: M4
Strength: approx. 3.2 kg.

This magnet can be used together with a M4 pot magnet with external thread. And you can also use it with a M4 screw.

The internal thread goes all the way through - just push your screw all the way through the rubber coating.

Can be used on magnetic glass boards.

We sell these magnets seperately for your convenience. Buy just the right amount for your project. And see all the discount rates when buying 10 or more above at this product card.

NB! All pot magnets have the same poles pointing out. Important knowledge when you need to pair magnets (you cannot pair the same poles).

Strenght is measured in a direct pull from a magnetic steel plate. Distance between this magnet and counterpart magnet or metal disc will decrease the magnetic strenght. A distance of just 2 mm. will decrease the strength with approx. 70%. And a distance of 5 mm. will decrease the magnetic strength with approx. 92%.

Can be used for outdoor purposes. But the steel thread might rust over time (only looks - not magnetic wise affected)

Strength: apporx. 3,200 g.
Magnetism: N42
Material: NdFeB
Steel thread: Q235
Coating: Gummi
Type: Neodymium

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