Rubber magnet, Disc 16x11 mm. - Green

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Product number: MAGZ-047-R

Green rubber magnet - suitable for magnetic glass boards.

Strength: 4 kg. 
Width: 1.6 cm. 
Height: 1.1 cm.
Colour: Green

Because this neodymium magnet is rubberised, it can be used outdoors and in wet areas.

The magnet might leave a bit of  greencolour on your magnetic board if pressed against the board. But no worries! Stains can easily be removed with a wet cloth.

We make these rubber magnets in many colours.

Strength: ca. 4.000 g.
Material: NdFeB
Magnetism: N45
Max. temperatur: 80°C
Coating: rubber

NB! Strong magnets are not suitable for small children.

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