Power magnet, Disc 20x7 mm.

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Product number: MAGZ-292-P

Ver powerful magnets of neodym. Sold singly.

Diameter: 2 cm.
Height: 0.7 cm.
Strength: approx. 8 kg.

Neodym magnets are not toys. They have to be handled with caution. Because of their huge strength and thin coating, they can break when two magnets collide with high speed.

2 magnets are easiest seperated by sliding them in opposite directions. They are easiest removed from a magnetic surface by pushing them over the edge.

Strength: appprox. 8,000 g.
Material: NdFeB
Magnetisme: N42
Gauss: 12900-13200 (1,29-1,32 T)
MGOe: 40-42
Max. temperature: 80°C
Surface: nickel-plated (Ni-Cu-Ni)

A 20x7 mm. magnet can be used on glass boards. But you have to know that it is a very strong magnet which means that you have to handle it with caution. The magnets need a long distance between each other to stop them attracting each others magnetic field.

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