Magnetic foil, Grey 25 mm x 1 m.

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Product number: MAGZ-210-M

High-quality magnetic foil (not self-adhesive).

The cut length is 1 metre. Select metres under "amount" to the right.

Width: 2.5 cm.
Thickness: 1 mm.
Colour: Dark grey.
Strength: approx. 93 gr/sq. cm.

Very flexible magnetic foil. You can cut it to the desired size with regular scissors. A small "groove" runs on one side of the magnetic foil. If you want to stick glue on the magnetic foil, this is the side you use – the groove helps the glue adhere better to the magnetic foil.

Please note: Magnetic foil is not suitable for magnetic glass boards.

Magnetic foil is also great for marking of storage shelves, containers, car advertising and other business purposes where you may need to glue stickers or advertising directly onto the magnetic foil.

Magnetic foil is made from flexible magnetic foil and has the weakest magnetism of all magnets; i.e. strength of under 100 gr. per sq. cm. However, it is still more than enough to satisfy most needs.

Also available with self-adhesive.

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