Ferrite magnets, Block 20x20x3 mm.

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Product number: MAGZ-1022-F

Ferrite magnets block | Raw magnets

Length: 20 mm
Width: 20 mm
Height: 3 mm
Strength: approx. 0.45 kg.

Square, flat ferrite magnet. Avoid bumps and knocks. Only work with magnets using tools specially designed for magnets.

Please note that ferrite magnets are a bit fragile as they don't have a protective coating. Both for indoor and outdoor use. They withstand temperatures of up to 250°C and down to -40°C.

Magnets are not toys and should always be kept away from small children. Don't swallow due to the risk of suffocation. 

Magnets should be kept at a distance from electrical equipment like mobile phones, computers, loudspeakers, hearing aids, pacemakers, etc.


Strength: approx. 450 gr.
Material: Ferrite
Magnetisation: Y35
Min. temperature: -40°C
Max. temperature: 250°C
Surface: no coating

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