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Countersunk metal plate 80x20x3 mm.

Product no.: MAGZ-311-M

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80 mm.
20 mm.
3 mm.
Outdoor use:


Recessed metal plate 80x20x3 mm. with two (2) pre-drilled countersunk holes that can be used with screws or bolts.

ATTENTION! The rectangular metal plate is NOT a magnet! Magnetic metal are designed to be counterparts to power magnets or other permanent magnets.

These metal plates are used as a surface area for magnets, but the plates themselves are not a magnet - just magnetic counterparts.

A good size for kitchen cupboards and wardrobe cupboards, which do not close completely. The metal plate can be screwed onto the cupboard module or sunk onto the cupboard to ensure a leveled surface, and then a magnet can be glued (or screwed) to the door. This will create a magnetic lock on the door and allow you to completely close the door.

Size: 80 x 20 mm.
Height: 0.3 cm.
Screw holes (2): ø 5.7 mm.

These metal pieces are not suitable for outdoor use or damp rooms because they are not made of stainless steel.

You can e.g. combine this rectangular metal plate with a channel magnet of the same size (80-20-04).

When fastening the metal plate, we recommend using a countersunk screw with a conical head measuring between 4.7 mm. and 5.7 mm.

The screws can be bought in most hardware stores. Often, you will find these sizes in screw assortment boxes sold in hardware stores.

If you cannot find the correct length screw, you can alternatively use a longer screw, with a head size of approximately 5 mm., and shorten it in length with a bias bit or grinder.

All recessed metal plates are individually sold. If you need large quantities for bigger projects, look on the right of this screen and see our bulk packages. Each bulk package offers you a discount versus buying individually.

Bolts or screws are not included - you need M5 sizes for this metal plate.