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Block magnet 100x15 mm. red/green (short) - AlNiCo

Product no.: MAGZ-267-H

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100 mm.
15 mm.
10 mm.


Maybe you know this magnetic block from physics class. It is used i.a. to demonstrate magnetic fields with. The poles are marked with red (North) and green (South).

This is a long model of the educational magnet (we also have a shorter one). This one is a good size for when older kids and adults need to learn about magnetism. We offer you some tricks at the bottom of this page; under the specifications.

Colors: Rred and green.
Size: 100x15x10 mm.

Experimenting with magnets is fun. And the AlNiCo products are made for experiments and teaching.

Max. temperature: 450°C
Material: AlNiCo

The advantage of AlNico magnets is, among other things, that they withstand impacts better than neodymium and raw ferrite magnets. This means that the magnet does not break easily when you do experiments with attraction. When making magnets for school use, it is also important to use the right strength and size: AlNiCo magnets are approx. 8 times weaker than neodymium magnets, but they are slightly stronger than ferrite. And by coating them with color, they have become even more resistant. BUT never throw with or try to break magnets with force - very few magnets can withstand this kind of rough use.

Trick 1 - show magnetic fields
Place the magnet under a piece of paper and pour iron filings over the paper. Then the iron filings will gather around the magnetic fields, and it is never the same every time, so you can continue to be fascinated. With a little practice, you can also make the small iron pieces "dance" on the paper.

Trick 2 - floating magnets
Take two identical AlNiCo magnets and place them on top of each other with the poles in the same direction (red over red and green over green). It has to be two identical magnets for children to do this trick, but then you have a floating magnet, which is one of the most magical things about magnets: repulsion.

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