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Rubber magnet w. internal thread, 43x31 mm.

Product no.: MAGZ-1442-U

Rubber magnet with 1 internal thread M4
Strength 14.0 kg.
The threads protrude 0.9 mm (about 0.04 inches) up, so total height including the threads will be 6.9 mm (about 0.27 inches).
These magnets are made with 6 small but strong magnets - this makes it possible to use 2 magnets towards each other both with repelling or attracting poles.
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Price per unit:

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14,0 kg.
Internal thread
43 mm.
31 mm.
6 mm.
Glass board:
Outdoor use:


This type of magnet is a strong, square neodymium magnet with a rubber coating and M4 internal threads.

Length: 4.3 cm.
Width: 3.1 cm.
Height: 0.6 cm.
Thread: M4
Strength: approx. 14 kg.

NB! The thread protrudea 0.9 mm (about 0.04 inches) up, so total height including the thread will be 6.9 mm (about 0.27 inches). The thread is continuous, so you can easily attach a screw all the way through the rubber coated side.

This type of magnet can be used with external threaded magnets or with M4 screws.

These square magnets are made up of several smaller magnets that are put together with alternating north and south poles outwards. This process facilitates fastening the magnets directly opposite of one another if they are paired correctly.

For your convenience, we sell magnets individually. In addition, we offer bulk packages with discount options depending on the volume you request.

To directly measure this magnet’s bearing capacity, a magnetic steel plate made of pure steel is used. The further the rubber coated magnet is from the magnetic steel surface, the more the carrying capacity weakens.

Strength: approx. 14.000 g.
Magnetism: N42
Material: NdFeB
Steel thread: Q235
Surface: Rubber
Magnet type: Neodymium

You can achieve the strongest pull on a horizonal surface. However, the magnets will not slide as easily as magnets without a rubber coating. This is a result of the friction caused by the rubber coating and the surface of the magnetic surface.

This type of magnet can be used outdoors, but the steel thread can rust over time with permanent outdoor use. To minimize any thread rust, we suggest the usage of silicone on the threads or other products designed to protect threads which will be exposed to the outdoor elements.

When purchasing this magnet, a screw will not be included. The screw included on the photos is only shown for demonstration purposes. Make sure to purchase a screw/bolt that will meet your project needs.

Safety information

NB! Read this safety message about power magnets, before you buy and take the magnets into use.


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