Ring binder mechanism 2 D-ring, Magnetic (for glass)

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Product number: MAGZ-652-R

Magnetic ring binder mechanism | Magnetic mounting

Ring binder mechanism 2 D-ring, specially made for magnetic glass boards.

Can also be used on regular whiteboards, etc., if you want extra strength. However, you probably won't need that as our regular models are very strong.

Widely used for LEAN boards.

The is the standard European A4 hole size (80 mm between the holes), allowing you to use a regular hole puncher for papers you want to hang up. Strong enough to hold A4 and A3 papers.

These high-quality ring binder mechanisms from Germany are fitted with strong power magnets (neodymium) by us.

2 small easy-to-fit plastic caps for the magnets are included. There are 2 good reasons to use these: to prevent the ring binder mechanism sliding on the glass and to prevent scratches on the glass board if the ring binder is pulled diagonally.

Designed to last for many years.

Please note: This model is specially designed for glass boards and has very powerful magnets attached. We recommend other models for whiteboards.

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