Ring binder mechanism 2 D-ring, Magnetic

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Product number: MAGZ-650-R

Magnetic ring binder mechanism | Magnetic mounting

Now you can buy ring binder mechanisms to hang on the whiteboard or other magnetic surface.

The is the standard European A4 hole size (80 mm between the holes), allowing you to use a regular hole puncher for papers you want to hang up. Strong enough to hold A4 and A3 papers.

This model has 2 D-rings, allowing for papers to hang nicely on the wall. Widely used for LEAN boards.

Made with strong power magnets (neodymium), these high-quality ring binder mechanisms from Germany are made to last for many years. To protect the magnetic board, we have included 2 small plastic caps for the magnets.

Please note: Not suitable for glass boards – use our ring binder specially designed for magnetic glass instead.

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