Powerful magnet "LUDO", Pink

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From 10 pieces : 1,60 EUR
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From 500 pieces : 1,28 EUR

From 10 pieces : 2,00 EUR
From 50 pieces : 1,90 EUR
From 100 pieces : 1,80 EUR
From 500 pieces : 1,60 EUR

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Product number: MAGZ-292-K

Pink Ludo magnet. Extremely powerful magnet for all magnetic surfaces.

Strength: approx. 1.5 kg.
Width: 1.3 cm.
Height: 2 cm.

Sold individually, according to your need.

Very powerful pink plastic magnets, shaped as Ludo pieces. With its skittle shape, this magnet is easy to pick up. Strong enough to hold up a thick menu card on the fridge.

These fun magnets are also great for the office due to their powerful magnetism.

Please note: Keep these magnets away from small children (small parts).

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