Power magnets, Block 7x7x7 mm. (copper)

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Product number: MAGZ-963-PC

Cube shaped copper magnets made of neodymium with a copper coating.

The magnets are sold seperately.

Length: 0.7 cm. 
Width: 0.7 cm.
Height: 0.7 cm. 
Strength: approx. 1.6 kg.

Copper magnets are just as strong as all the other power magnets. Only the coating differs from a regular power magnet with nickel coating. 

The copper coating gives this magnet a more exclusive look. And it looks great on a black metal board.

We don't recommend this magnet for magnetic glass boards - choose one with a strength of min. 2 kg. instead. 

Strength: ca. 1.600 g.
Material: NdFeB
Magnetism: N42
Max. temperature: 80°C
Coating: copper-plated (Ni-Cu)

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