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Pot magnets with hook, Ø16 mm.

Product no.: MAGZ-1308-P

Krogmagnet ø16 mm. af neodymium med stålpotte
Strength 8.0 kg.
Ret tungt nøglebundt hængt op med en ø16 krogmagnet.
Håndklæde hængt op med en krogmagnet på køleskabet.
Pottemagnet med krog, Ø16 mm. holder en paraply.
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Price per unit:

4,40 5,50 EUR

Total: 4,40 5,50 EUR

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8,0 kg.
16 mm.
27 mm.


Pot magnet | Magnet with hook

Diameter: 1,6 cm. 
Height: 2.7 cm. 
Hook width: 0.4 cm. 
Strength: approx. 8 kg.

Strong pot magnet with removable hook (screwed into the pot magnet). Their strength exceeds their own weight by many times.

Pot magnets have a stronger pull when attached to horizontal surfaces than vertical surfaces as they tend to slide down vertical surfaces. The hook magnet is only magnetic at one end (opposite hook).

Please note: We recommend indoor use of the hook magnets as they are not stainless steel.

We do not recommend hook magnets with a strength below 10 kgs. for magnetic glass boards as glass plates are slippery and not very strong magnetically - this will make the hook almost useless on your magnetic glass board.

Please be aware that the pull is measured directly on the hook. That means that if you want to hang large or heavy objects vertically (e.g. keys, calendars or clothes), you should allow for additional weight to your pull requirement as the hook, in this case, would be exposed to a considerable vertical pull as opposed to a direct pull. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like us to test your requirements for you. Strength is measured directly on a thick magnetic steel plate. The strength of the pot magnets is weakened the further away from the magnetic surface they get.

Strength: approx. 8 kg. 
Magnetisation: N38 
Surface: nickel-plated (Ni)

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