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Pot magnet w. threaded stud, Ø48 mm.

Product no.: MAGZ-1408-U

Ø48 pot magnet made of neodymium with a M8 threaded stud and a strength of impressive 85 kg.
Strength 85.0 kg.
2 pot magnets with external threads cannot be used opposite each other because the poles face the same direction and repel each other from the center to the sides
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85,0 kg.
48 mm.
24 mm.
Glass board:
Outdoor use:

Technical drawing


Categorized as a strong neodymium magnet, this type of magnet features M8 external threads.

ATTENTION! Two (2) pot magnets with external threads cannot be used opposite each other because the poles face the same direction. As a result, when two magnets face the same direction, the magnets will naturally repel one another. This is why some magnets seem to be attracted but only sit together away from the center towards one other.

This variety of pot magnets are constructed with a strong neodymium magnet embedded within a steel capsule. The steel capsule strengthens its magnetism capability. The M8 threads function like a typical screw, so you can screw the magnet onto an internal thread or fasten with a locknut.

Strength: approx. 85,000 g.
Diameter: 48 mm.
Pot height: 11.5 mm.
Total height: 24 mm.
Magnetism: N42
Surface: nickel-coated (Ni)
Thread: M8
Max. temperature: 80°C

The carrying capability of this type of magnet is approximately 85 kg. It is measured by its direct pull on a piece of pure magnetic steel.

Pro-TIP: We do not recommend using this type of pot magnet on magnetic glass boards, as the pot is made of steel and can scratch/destroy the glass. And 85 kg. is too strong for glass in general.

The greater the distance between two magnets or the magnet and the item to be hung is, the magnetic strength decreases. As an example, we used a 2 mm (0.079 inches) divider between two magnets and a magnet and a magnetic surface. We measured that the magnetism capacity was reduced by 70%. So, feel free to contact us if you need any assistance in calculating the magnetic strength you will need to complete your project - or use our magnetic calculator.

ATTENTION! Our pot magnets are not made of stainless steel, which is why we do not recommend they be used outdoors or in humid environments. Exposure to humidity and or other outdoor elements will result in your magnet rusting and failing.

Safety information

NB! Read this safety message about power magnets, before you buy and take the magnets into use.


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