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MagSquare 600 (MagSwitch)

Product no.: MAGZ-8100106-S

MaqSquare 600 is the extra hand for your workshop. It lifts 272 kg. (600 lb.) in a direct pull.
Strength 245.0 kg.
MagSquare 600 is the perfect tool when working with metal or wood.
A MagSquare can help you with both straight lines and crooked angles.
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245,0 kg.


MagSquare 600 is the perfect tool when working with wood or metal.

It belongs in the categories of welding, heavy fabrication and woodworking.

You can see from the product photos that a MagSquare can help you with both straight lines and crooked angles. Just like having an extra hand in the workshop. MagSquares can withstand high temperatures - you can see all data on the MagSwich 600 in the link for the spec. sheet below.

Strength: up to 245 kg. (600 lbs.) in a direct pull.

The MagSquare 600 is made with a strong magnet which can be activated / disabled by just turning the handle on top. It is not made with electro magnetism so you won't have to worry about enough power or breakdown. It works by making use of simple magnetism and distance but made for heavy daily use with a good protection of the magnet that also allows you to use it at high temperatures.

So you have your hands free, while you can handle precision work much easier and completely safe. And the pull force of 245 kg. has you covered for most tasks.


  • On/off "Magswitch Magnet" control.
  • Precise placement turns all the way off – stays clean.
  • Machined at 90 degrees.
  • Magnetic grip on 5 sides – strong on 3 sides.
  • Pipe notch - to grip flat and pipe.
  • Super fast set ups and instant workholding.
  • Stays clean – when off, debris falls off.
  • Multi Plane workholding with hold force on all sides.
  • Create your own fabrication jigs by mounting in M6 holes.

The MagSquare also stays clean; unlike traditional magnetic squares that hold on to metal chips even when off. Here you won’t cut your fingers cleaning away steel debris.

Model: 8100595
Weight: approx. 1.36 kg.
Strength: approx. 245 kg.

You can read the spec. sheet on MagSquare600 here.

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