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Magnets for tactics board (no. 1-11) + football magnet, White

Product no.: TAKTIK-05-HV

Need magnets for tactics board? Don't settle with standard magnets - our magnets are both stronger than regular tactics magnets and can show directions.
Strength 1.5 kg.
Here, you can see our magnets being used on a tactics board for football practice. Strong enough for all weather.
These magnets are so strong that you can leave them on the board and put them in your bag without the magnets moving on the board.
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1,5 kg.
36 mm.
Glass board:
Outdoor use:


White magnets for tactics board - for football and other team sports. Use these strong magnets in stead of the usual weak standard tactic magnets.

The shape of these magnets is excellent for tactical boards, as the triangles show the direction of each player. In addition, the black writing on the white magnets makes the magnets easy for all players to see in the dressing room or on the field.

This set contains the numbers 1 to 11 and also includes a strong football magnet. A total of twelve magnet pieces are included in this pack.

Size: 3.6 cm. x 3.6 cm. x 3.6 cm.
Height: 0.9 cm.
Strength: 1.5 kg.
Color: White with black numbers.

Find yourself needing to use numbers other than 1 – 11? No worries, we can help you create tactical magnets for anything between 0 and 99. Simply contact us for customized combinations.

These tactical magnets are made on demand (you order - we print). And they are only available with us.

The magnets are strong enough that they will not slide down and will not come off the board when it is being transported around. However, you can still easily move them around on the tactical board when you need to demonstrate a new strategy for your team.

Although these magnets are designed for football tactics, they can also be used for other team sports such as basketball and handball. Their usage is limitless and universal.

These tactical magnets can be used regardless of whether you drive the 5M, 8M, or 11M setup. And we offer these magnets in many other colors, so you can also use magnets to symbolize the opposing team with a different color than your own team color. This will help make things easier for the players to see the different teams on the board.

They are perfect for larger tactical boards and whiteboards. And they are powerful enough to also take to the pitch on a hand-held tactical board. We are positive these tactical magnets will not get blown off the board like many other tactical magnets do.

Despite their strength, they are designed to be easy to push around.

Safety information

NB! Read this safety message about power magnets, before you buy and take the magnets into use.


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