Magnetic pocket 9x6 cm, Black

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Product number: MAGZ-018-B

Magnetic pockets 9x6 cm, black.

Small, black magnetic pockets for photos, stock management, etc.

This model is "horizontal", i.e. opens up lengthwise. The magnets have rounded corners so you don't cut yourself on the edges.

Not suitable for magnetic glass boards. 

This size is ideal for stock management.

Size: 9x6 cm. (inner measurements).

The magnetic pocket opens up at the top and has a black background, which provides a black "frame" around the photo/drawing.

This size is suitable for business cards. Has a nice "wow effect". Put your business card in the magnet and give it to contacts at meetings, fairs, etc. People will remember you because you gave them a gift: a cool magnet they can use for themselves.

And you don't have to have new magnets made every time you change your title, photo, e-mail address, etc.

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